Video Production

Below are several video projects I have worked on in the past for my customers. This will give you an idea as to the quality of my work.

Additional Video Scribe Whiteboard videos can be found on VIDEO SCRIBE DRAWINGS.

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Whiteboards and Speed Drawing Video Scribe Presentations

Promo Video for


The Intelligent Repeater System

SEO Boozt

The Pinkerton Group


Arthritis National Research Foundation – Cure Arthritis

Book Trailer

Software used: Adobe After Effects CS5 and Adobe Audition.

Promo video for”

Software used: Sony Vegas Pro and After Effects CS5.

Animation – “Angry Birds”

Software used: Reallution Crazy Talk Animation.
There are areas that still need improvement but thought it was good to share it with you at this stage. this is the first time I use this software! Not bad to be the first animation of this kind.

Promo Video




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